6 String Electric Cello

Some musical samples of a solid body electric cello with 6 strings. Built in 1975 by Stuart Finlay in Albuquerque, and later modified by Stars Guitars in San Francisco. Body of solid rock maple, with tulipwood fingerboard, Barcus-Berry Hot Dot pickups, bridge by Don Robertson. Generally tuned in 5ths, with Jargar Red strings and the E4 and F1 strings by SuperSensitive String Co.
The signal processing is done with PC based VSTs.

1.  2 primes and a perfect square 4:20 minutes, 9.9 MB, Jul 2012.

2.  Night Sentry 3:28 minutes, 8.1 MB, Jan 2011.

3.  Space Anteater comes for souls  7:18 minutes, 17.1 MB, Jan 2010.

4.  Dark, plaintive mideastern flavored   42 seconds, 658 kB, Jun 2007.

5.  Looping arpeggios and much more  3:07 minutes,  7.3 MB, Dec 2009. 

6.  Resonance in C major  6:21 minutes, 14.9 MB, Dec 2009. 


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